A NEW DAWN TO A FARMER, by Consolata Khaemba

My name is Consolata Khaemba I stay in a village called kamtion ,I am thirty three years I have stayed thirteen years married with four children and all this years in this area I have been a farmer and I like the process it’s a sense of belonging and a lifestyle. I joined Kilimototo because it’s an opportunity for women in Bungoma County to create an opportunity for us to grow as farmers and also it’s an economic empowerment forum for women in my village.

For me to be a member of kilimototo I passed all criteria they were looking for which are having a piece of land with access to water and my willingness to commit my time to work in my farm with the help of kilimototo; this should enable me make a living and be able to provide for my family and more so for school fees for my children. Kilimototo provides an agronomist who trains us and works with us closely throughout the process from planting, to fertilizer application, to harvesting which has enabled me to work smart. My motive is to try so much to be the best farmer compared to my other lady friends.



As a mother this farming process takes forty eight days then I harvest and once I produce I get paid instantly and having children in school I have been able to pay school fees on time. Kilimototo has changed my life as I am busy at the farm and involved constructively in building my family, community and country and if this is constant then I am going places as a mother. I see myself educating my children all the way to university thanks to kilimototo.

I sacrifice a lot of my time and effort to farming because kilimototo has made me realize that I have gold lying in my backyard. I have come to realize that if I use it wisely, it can change my life for the better, for this simple reason, I work tirelessly so that as a parent my children will know and appreciate that I played a part in their positive development. My greater hope is that, by working hard, my children’s lives will be opened to work smart and better achieve in school.

The beauty of kilimototo is the direct involvement of the organization through the agronomists who walks hand in hand with us the farmers and this motivates us to work; Seeing the organization efforts to better our farming skills through quarterly training and visits to our farms every week we are encouraged to become better women wonder workers in the African setup and pace makers for our next of keen thanks to kilimototo.

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